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Preventable Birth Injuries


Unfortunately infants sustain birth injuries at an all too normal pace. Even more unfortunate is that a lot of such injuries are caused by the negligence of medical personnel.

A mother in labor has certain responsibilities, but so too does the medical team attending her child’s birth. For the mother, she is entrusting her health and the life of her child to her medical doctor and his or her staff.

There are injuries that are not preventable. No matter what safety procedures and perfect protocols are in place, sometimes an injury occurs. This is certainly explainable and even expected when one stops to ponder just what is happening at child birth.

There are injuries, though, that are completely avoidable. If doctors and hospital staff work diligently and carefully and fulfill their duties to the patient 100%, preventable injuries can be avoided.

What are a parent’s options when they feel their doctor or nurses fell short in the performance of their duties? Is there recourse to take when faced with a future of doctor’s visits, prescription medications, and special wheelchair-accessible homes?

It’s not pleasant thinking of the legal option available, but a NY Birth Injury Lawyer wants to remind you that at times a lawsuit is the only viable answer to the dilemmas a preventable birth injury entails.

Medical expenses pile up and parents may have to miss work to take care of the injured child. Second jobs are common for the main bread winner, just to pay for specialty equipment and medical loans.

It’s important to realize that the doctor’s failure to provide even adequate care is the reason the law suit is being filed. Labor and delivery negligence are common in hospitals in Queens and New York City. It is not because you are a vindictive person, but because your child has needs, and it’s only logical that the person(s) responsible for the necessity of those needs should be held accountable. Doctors who fail to respond to fetal distress, unforeseen complications or medical conditions are responsible, because those are the things they should be looking for – and they are the only ones with the training to find those things, a New York Birth Injury Lawyer says.

In such cases, a New York Birth Injury Law Office is your best option. They will not force you to make decisions, but they will present you valuable information to make choosing whether to file an easy dilemma. Your case will be reviewed with care and, if needed, specialty investigations will be completed.

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