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Infants Death Investigated


The investigation into the death of a Gresham infant from last week continues. The York County Sheriff stated that the investigation began when doctors notified his office that an infant may have died from assault injuries.

The four-month-old girl was seen at the Children’s Hospital in Omaha, and she presented with a severe head injury, blood on the brain, and a skull fracture. A second doctor who works in the Children’s trauma unit said that there were additional signs of injury that may have happened up to two weeks prior, claims a New York Brain Injury Lawyer.

The four-month-olds two-year-old older sister was removed from the home by Health and Human services soon after the four-month-old was admitted to the Omaha hospital. As of Monday, there were no charges filed for any criminal involvement surrounding the death of the four-month-old baby. The York County Attorney’s office had petitioned the courts to terminate the parent’s parental rights in regards to the two-year-old daughter. No one had been taken into custody at the time of his publication.

The York County Sheriff said on Monday morning that the York County Sheriff Department is continuing to investigate the situation. The York County Sheriff Department is currently awaiting the results of an autopsy that was performed last week. Any decision about possible charges will be announced after the results of the autopsy are released. A New York Brain Injury Lawyer explained that the investigation is ongoing, but no further details have been released at the time of this publication.

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