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Birth Injury Caused by Medical Negligence in Illinois


A birth injury claim recently filed by a mother in Illinois concluded in a $9,500,000 personal injury settlement. She was represented by a local firm.

In November of 2006, an Associate Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, approved the $9.5M settlement of a medical negligence case. The plaintiff alleged that medical negligence on the part of the attending doctor, nursing staff, and the hospital at large, were to blame for a birth injury sustained during labor and delivery.

A New York Birth Injury Lawyer read the court documents and said that during the personal injury investigation, the plaintiff went to her normal clinic for a prenatal checkup. She was admitted to the hospital where medical personnel attached a fetal monitor to her and began inducing her labor using the medication Pitocin. These procedures took place because it was found that she was eclamptic.

When the woman began dilating in the early hours of the next morning, an epidural was administered. She was fully dilated by approximately 10 p.m. that day and began pushing, but after hours of inadequate progress, a C-section was performed at 2:51 a.m.

Evidence presented during the case said that during labor, episodes of hyper stimulation of the uterus occurred as well as decelerations of fetal heart tones. The fetal monitor also malfunctioned and failed to accurately record contractions. Cases like this one are common in hospitals in the Bronx and Long Island.

The fetal heart rate monitor tracings did, however, reveal signs of – and were consistent with – fetal stress and/or distress. According to the case claims, the doctors failed to recognize the significance of changes in the fetal heart rate. The fetal monitor strips from October 23rd through October 24th, 2001 were provided as evidence.

Upon birth, the child was not breathing and had to be transported to Children’s Memorial Hospital where she was later diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia, and seizure disorder.

“In sad cases like this one, prominent and willing help is necessary in order for the family to recognize that there are financial compensations available to them. In such cases, a professional NYC Birth Injury Lawyer can be on immense help,” a lawyer based in Manhattan said.

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