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Woman seeks $2.5 million for the loss of her unborn child, said a New York Birth Injury Lawyer.


A distraught woman, who recently lost a child, claims it was her doctor’s negligence that lead to the infant’s untimely death, said a NY Birth Injury Lawyer.

The woman, who is seeking $2.5 million from her doctor, reportedly had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes early on in her pregnancy and was also considered high risk because she was 41 years old.

“The plaintiff had or developed known risk factors associated with her pregnancy including, but not limited to, being 41 years of age at the time of conception and gestational diabetes,” a NY City Birth Injury Lawyer explained.

At the plaintiff’s last prenatal visit she had expressed concern for the baby stating that she hadn’t felt much movement. She was scheduled for a cesarean section that week and reported that her blood pressure was also elevated to 138/94. Her doctor allegedly did not try to determine the well-being of her baby.

Two days later at her scheduled cesarean, it was determined that her baby had no heartbeat and had died. There was “no fetal heart tones could be documented and intrauterine fetal demise was subsequently verified by ultrasound,” said the New York Birth Injury Lawyer.

Lawyers in Brooklyn and Queens have brought law suits of this kind on many occasions.

The woman is suing the doctor for being negligent and failing to determine that her risk factors were great enough for him to assess the well being of her unborn child. She seeks $2.5 million for pain and suffering and “permanent personal injury” as the result of the unnecessary death of her child. The doctor involved in the case was unavailable for comment.

Losing a loved one because of a doctor’s negligence is painful for everybody involved. New York Birth Injury Attorneys will help you weather the storm. New York Birth Injury Attorneys are here to assist with seeking compensation for your pain and suffering.

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