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Physician ordered to pay $3 million in birth injury case, states New York Birth Injury Lawyer


Eighteen years is a long time to suffer. But one girl has endured injuries caused by her doctor during her birth. He has now been ordered to pay her $3 million for the trauma he caused. Cerebral Palsy is just one of many health conditions the young woman deals with, reports a New York Birth Injury Lawyer. The settlement money will be used to cover pain and suffering, medical expenses incurred, and rehabilitation.

When her mother had her labor induced, the hospital staff called the doctor to come perform a Caesarian Section. Three to four hours later, he finally responded to their call and surgery began. It is because of this delay that the girl has suffered for 18 years. The umbilical cord was compressed resulting in “fetal asphyxia”, which if corrected much earlier, could have preserved the girl’s health. The doctor and the midwife both were off the premises at the time of the call, which goes against hospital policy. Charges were also brought against the midwife, but a jury found her not to be responsible for the girl’s injuries.

The defendant claimed that genetics or the mother’s obesity was to blame for her daughter’s condition, but a jury disagreed. He also explained that the mother’s lack of prenatal care until her 20th week could have been at fault. The doctor stated in previous testimony that he found no indication of fetal distress or cord compression. The defendant and his lawyer denied comment regarding the verdict. His malpractice insurance is set to cover $2 million, however he may have to pay for the remainder from his own pocket. Hospitals in The Bronx and Brooklyn are used to dealing with cases like this.

The birth of a child is a dream come true for many people. When a physician fails to uphold the basic standards of care, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

If you or a loved one has had this dream stolen from you, call a NYC Birth Injury Attorney. The qualified experience of a New York Birth Injury Attorney will make those responsible pay for their negligence.

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