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Disabled Woman Awarded Multi-Million Pound Settlement


A 22-year old Walton, England, woman is to be awarded a multi-million pound settlement after winning a lawsuit against the East of England Strategic Health Authority, a New York City Birth Injury Attorney has discovered. The lawsuit was filed on her behalf by her mother for disabilities that were incurred during childbirth due to the negligence of the medical staff.

The lawsuit alleged that the young woman’s brain had been deprived of oxygen during childbirth due to the delivery occurring too quickly due to the labor being induced by drugs, sources said to the researcher. The oxygen deprivation resulted in permanent brain damage that left her permanently disabled, i.e. she has speech difficulty and must have someone with her 24-hours a day. Sources went on to add that although the 22-year old young lady does volunteer work, there is no way that she can be fully independent.

While the young lady is trying to become more independent, or at least as much as is possible under the circumstances, one of the attorneys representing her in this case stated that “She is a very vulnerable person,” who is trying to manage through the daily exercises of life, and is having great difficulty. He went on to add that she was trying to be more independent from her parents as much as she is able. This settlement should assist her in doing this, at least some.

While the East of England Strategic Health Authority reportedly defended the claim vigorously and did not want to pay it, both parties were able to reach a settlement through out of court discussions, and that she should be compensated on the basis of 90 percent disability, the New York City Birth Injury Lawyer was told. The presiding Justice said it best when she said, “The parties and their advisors are to be congratulated on reaching a settlement in this sad and difficult case.”

The amount of the award is still being assessed, but considering the consideration of the lifetime care and support that she needs, awards in these types of cases whether they are in Europe, Manhattan or Suffolk County are normally in the multi-million pounds range.

If your child has suffered a birth injury because your physician did not react to a dangerous situation in the proper manner, then you have a legal right to pursue damages. A New York Injury Attorney can help you learn more about your options today

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