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Disabled Redditch Student Sues Health Authority


A New York Birth Injury Attorney was informed that the mother of a Redditch, England, student has filed a lawsuit on his behalf. She is seeking compensation for up to £300,000, or $ 487,350.25 USD for injuries that she says her son received at childbirth.

The suit alleges that doctors made the decision to do a C-section too late, and after her son’s head had already entered into the birthing canal. Due to this action, doctors had difficulty in removing the boy’s head, as it was lying too low in his mother’s abdomen at the time of C-section. In which case he was only minutes away from being delivered naturally. Her lawyers are also presenting that the amount of force that was necessary to remove his head from his mother’s abdomen, caused his soft skull to deform, which led to bleeding in his brain.

According to court papers, when doctors were able to dislodge the infant’s head from his mother’s body, he had an extremely swollen head, and appeared to be both shocked and battered. The now 28-year old man suffers from spastic tetraplegic cerebral palsy with epilepsy. He is not able to walk, and he does not have much use of his legs. The Birth Injury Lawyer of NYC discovered that the man does not understand the consequences of his actions, his vision, and memory are poor, and he does not understand money.

He has been cared for by his parents for his entire life, and he has attended a special school. His special needs have required his parents to purchase special medical equipment such as a motorized wheelchair and a special car so that they can transport him to where he needs to go.

This is not the first lawsuit brought against the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority for acts that occurred before its existence. There are at least two other lawsuits that are either pending, or have been settled. Although the incident allegedly occurred in 1982, the Authority is still responsible for any claim that occurred as a result of treatment at one of the facilities before the restructuring. it would be wise for doctors in Queens and Staten Island to keep an eye on this case and what happens with it.

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