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Abbott-Laboratories Under Investigation For Off-Label Marketing


A New York Birth Injury Lawyer has reported that the Wall Street Journal is investigating a federal probe into Abbott-Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company, for their marketing and sales tactics in the drug Depakote. Doctors and hospitals in New York City and Nassau County have been notified about the problems in the offing concerning this drug.

Depakote Birth Injury Resources (DBIR) is also evaluating Abbott-Laboratories for possible lawsuits related to birth defects and birth injuries that may be related to mothers who took Depakote during pregnancy. Depakote, currently the most popular prescription drug on the market for treating both epilepsy and bipolar disorder, is estimated to have been used by over 2 million people since its release on the market in 1983.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Depakote to treat seizure disorders, acute manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder and to prevent migraine headaches. The current investigation centers on the off-label marketing of the drug. A New York Brain Injury Lawyer has stated that in addition to the off-label marketing, federal investigators are looking into whether or not the company violated Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement policies.

A U.S. judge has ordered Abbott-Laboratories to deliver to federal prosecutors the chief executives email messages, which may hold clues to the off-label marketing case. The original subpoenas sought emails from 13 specific Abbott staff members from 1996-2008, which included CEO Miles White’s emails. After a request from Abbott, the judge reduced the request to three individuals and ordered the company to comply.

A New York Birth Injury Lawyer explained that in December of 2009 the FDA issued a warning to health care providers about the potential risk of birth injuries when mothers used Depakote during pregnancy. They warned that there are possible neural tube defects, craniofacial defects, and cardiovascular malformations in babies exposed to the drug during pregnancy.

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