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Quick Action Can Save Newborns from Suffocation


A program dubbed Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is championed by many doctors. A doctor from the African continent highlights a startling truth when he says, “Whenever people talk about emergency, they rarely think about children but focus on adults.” This doctor’s ability to think on his feet during emergencies have saved countless lives and he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with his colleagues.

In Africa, local hospitals rarely have child-specific Intensive Care Units, explains NYC Birth Injury Lawyers.

Every year, roughly four million babies die globally during their first month of life.

According to a 2007 report by UNICEF, three main factors account for more than three quarters of global newborn deaths, commonly known as neonatal mortalities. Pre-term or low weight births are the most likely to die right after birth at 27 percent. Following, is infections such as pneumonia with 26 percent and then by asphyxia (complications in breathing) which accounts for 23 percent of infant mortalities.

It is estimated that 1 million infants die every year because of breathing complications. A considerable chunk of the 3 million annual stillbirths can also be attributed to asphyxia. A baby who is denied oxygen during any phase of the birth process faces a serious hazard of suffering permanent injury or disability.

Estimates from a NY Birth Injury Lawyer reflect, however, that in only seven percent of births is an attendant present with the basic skills needed to help a baby breathe. That is the gap this doctor and the HBB program are hoping to fill. The simply stated aim of the HBB is to reduce the number of neonatal mortalities linked to asphyxia.

Using simple procedures such as rubbing the baby while keeping it warm can help open the airway and allow proper breathing. Not all infants with breathing difficulties need surgical interventions. All that most babies require is to be kept warm.

Another technique calls for the use of a mask and bag to clear the airways of the infant.

It is highly important for neonatal staff to be highly trained in the proper mechanics of resuscitating newborns. These tiniest of humans have special needs and a different physiology. Training like what the HBB offers is necessary on every continent. These techniques are used by hospitals and doctors in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Should your child suffer at the hands of inept medical professionals, please seek the attention of a New York Birth Injury Attorney to see that responsible parties are held accountable and that any compensation that is needed is sought after.

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