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Prozac birth defects now include PPH


It was revealed today that new studies are showing a strong link to the drug Prozac and persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN) in newborns.

“PPHN does not allow newborns to get enough oxygen,” claims one Manhattan Birth Injury Lawyer. “In a medical journal this disorder is sadly described by one doctor, ‘Subsequently, with the loss of placental gas exchange and the inability to increase pulmonary blood flow, arterial oxygen tension falls to very low levels. If this situation is not reversed, the infant may die of severe hypoxemia.’ Women need to be aware of this risk before taking Prozac.” He added.

From the study it appears that babies born to mothers who took antidepressants like Prozac 20 weeks or later in their pregnancy were more than five times as likely to develop the condition than babies born to mothers who had not taken anti-depressants during their pregnancy. Hospitals in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are very aware of these situations.

“This is a staggering statistic,” gasped a Manhattan Birth Injury Lawyer, “I’m surprised any doctor knowing these risks would recommend taking this drug or even prescribe it to a pregnant woman.”

The study points out that women who are thinking of taking Prozac while pregnant should contact their doctor in hopes of finding alternative ways to treat their depression. “Depression is a serious condition and needs to be treated,” believes the Manhattan Birth Injury Lawyer, “But there are plenty of ways to treat the condition that don’t include taking Prozac.”

Prozac also presents plenty of side of effects for pregnant women including increased nausea, dehydration and dry mouth, difficult breathing, joint pain and sometimes, suicidal thoughts. “Pregnancy is difficult enough with its own side effects,” said one pregnant woman. “I can’t imagine these side effects, too!”

The drug does successfully treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks and even some eating disorders.

“The bottom line in these studies is taking Prozac isn’t worth the risk to your unborn child. PPHN is a serious and deadly condition to these newborns. Any link to that condition should be taken very seriously. Doctors have a responsibility to warn patients of the dangers,” said a Lawyer.

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