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True Costs of a Traumatic Birth


Studies see a wide range of cases that involve the most precious members of society who are harmed by the negligence of strangers – strangers who should know better and should be providing nothing but the absolute best of care.

A British mom is launching a legal fight against a hospital trust over worries that a traumatic birth left her son brain damaged. The 38-year-old mother believes that delays in her medical care during delivery at Warrington Hospital led to her son being born with cerebral palsy.

Now seven years old, he cannot walk, wash or dress himself, and has limited powers of speech. The child has to be fed by a tube and requires 24 hour care and supervision.

The family’s legal representation is pursuing a suit against Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They are doing what they can to secure compensation for this little boy so his family can afford to fund his complex care.

His mother has learned to enjoy her son. “[He] is a wonderful little boy and is a huge part of all our lives but I strongly feel that the opportunity to lead the life he should have had has been taken from him,” she explained to a reporter.

As part of last month’s National Birth Trauma Awareness Week (from April 4 to 10), several charities, including the charity Birth Trauma Association (BTA), spent time urging medical experts and the NHS to investigate the true cost of traumatic births. The economic cost for families following traumatic birth is a topic the BTA is trying to raise awareness for, as well as the incalculable damage done to parents and their babies.

Not only the delivery, but everyday needs – for the duration of their lives – should be taken into consideration when seeking a settlement in a medical malpractice or birth injury lawsuit.

No one from Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was available for comment.

Hospitals in New York City and Staten Island are aware of this situation and are waiting for results.

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