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Topamax Related to Oral Cleft Birth Defects


The anti-epileptic medication Topamax may be related to oral cleft birth defects. Pregnant women and their doctors now face an even more difficult choice when deciding on an epilepsy drug since the information leaked that many of these anti-epileptics have shown to have a correlation with birth injuries and severe defects.

If you have been prescribed Topamax during pregnancy, a consultation with a trusted medial professional is imperatively urgent. Topamax birth defects are of particular concern because most facial and oral malformations, especially cleft palate and cleft lip, take place during the first trimester of pregnancy, and at this point, some women may not even be aware that they are pregnant, thus exposing their fetus to potential harm.

A prominent doctor insists that all sexually active women within child-bearing years using Topamax should be well informed about the possible consequences of the drug to a pregnancy before they are prescribed the drug.

Craniofacial defects, also known as facial dysmorphism, include a cleft palate and cleft lip. These oral cleft birth defects form during the early stages of fetal development – exactly when unsuspecting women would still be taking the drug while unknowingly being pregnant.

Cleft palate can occur in either the soft or hard palates of the mouth, leaving a sizeable space in the roof of the mouth. Occasionally, a young child may be fitted with an artificial palate to help them eat until such a time that the space can be closed surgically. This type of malformation, though, can hopefully be prevented by a greater dispersal of information connecting Topamax and birth defects. Hospitals in The Bronx and Brooklyn try to avoid these problems.

Generally, the initial surgery for cleft palate is completed at six months of age, and then the child may require two or three additional surgical procedures. Many children with cleft lips or cleft palates suffer from feeding difficulties and require a special bottle or feeding tube to receive proper nutrition.

According to a doctor, oral clefts can be expensive and often deplete a family’s savings.

If you wish to seek compensation for your child’s Topamax-related birth injury, contact an experienced and knowledgeable New York Birth Injury Attorney to represent your family’s interests.

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