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The Expense of Treating Cerebral Palsy


Children born with cerebral palsy will have a difficult but manageable life ahead of them. While treatments for cerebral palsy are difficult at times, getting the best help for your child will benefit them greatly.

In order to pay for these effective and expensive treatments, you need to work with an expert . They will actively pursue a monetary settlement from the doctors and staff who caused your child’s ailment, helping you afford those necessary treatments.

Recently, a report from a UK newspaper profiled a 9-year-old born with cerebral palsy. Her condition limited her movement. Throughout her life, she has had to undergo special treatments four days a week, and she has attended a special swimming club and tried to ride a specially made tricycle in order to help improve her movement.

However, her needs are changing as she grows, her parents are attempting to raise over $58,000 to fly to the United States to undergo a selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery. This procedure is a rare surgery that reduces spasticity in the body by cutting certain nerves that connect muscles with the spinal cord.

The St. Louis Children’s Hospital – one of the only hospitals that perform the procedure – explain that the benefits of this surgery compared to other treatments include a reduced risk of spinal deformities later in life, reduced hip flexor spasticity, less intense back pain, and earlier resumption of physical therapies and activities.

While the effectiveness of the procedure is tremendous, the medical and travel costs deter many families from taking advantage of it. If you have not immediate financial means available and if your child’s cerebral palsy can be traced to a birth injury caused by a doctor’s error, you may be able to successfully sue for malpractice or medical negligence. In this way, a friend can help you raise the needed money for medical treatments. Significant monetary settlements should be sought to pay for children’s medical costs when those costs are incurred because of someone else’s ineptitude. Hospitals in Nassau and Suffolk are aware of situations like this one.

If your child has cerebral palsy, you should take every opportunity to give him or her medical care that will be most effective without having to worry about medical costs. Get in contact with a New York Birth Injury Attorney as soon as possible to learn more about pursuing a birth injury lawsuit.

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