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Teen Receives £5.5million Payout for Cerebral Palsy


A teenage boy left severely disabled after a series of medical failures at birth was awarded nearly £5.5million last week. The now 16-year-old quadriplegic suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of being deprived of oxygen during his birth.

The plaintiff’s legal team alleged that doctors failed to properly manage the newborn’s breathing after his birth He suffered a circulatory collapse when he was just one day old.

The settlement, which was approved in the High Court, followed the admission of liability by the doctor and the Black Country Strategic Health Authority.

As a result of his birth injuries, the teen is totally dependent on a wheelchair for mobility and needs 24-hour care.

Despite his physical disabilities, his parents say that their son is mentally bright and has excelled academically. He loves computer games and soccer, and he is a season ticket holder with West Bromwich Albion and also plays wheelchair football for WBA in the power chair league. In many ways, he’s been able to enjoy many of the things other teenagers enjoy.

A source says that this family’s story mirrors a lot of stories he’s heard.

The boy’s father said, “The hospital had always reassured us that Daniel’s condition was ‘just one of those things’ and although we believed the doctors’ version of events we thought we owed it to our son to find out for certain, as we knew one day he would start to ask questions.

“For almost ten years we had accepted the hospital’s official story, so when the independent medical experts told us Daniel’s condition was not due to natural causes but because of hospital failure we were all devastated.

Birth Injuries which occur in hospitals in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are often ones like this one.

“I think if we hadn’t been so persistent in our quest for answers, we would never have uncovered the truth.”

The teen’s mother added, “Whilst I’m still very angry about the mistakes that led to our son’s condition, we now have to look to the future. We are just relieved that this settlement will allow him to be cared for in the way he needs, for the rest of his life.”

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