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Should video be permitted in the labor and delivery room?


Hospitals and health care professionals have recently revealed worry over video cameras in the labor and delivery room according to new reports from New York Birth Injury Lawyers.

“It picks up actions that a still camera might not and the sound can make a situation seem worse than it is,” commented one physician to a reporter.

Some speculate the videos presented in the courtroom give the plaintiffs an unfair advantage with the jury because in the end, most people want to help a child over an institution.

“The first consideration for a trial attorney is how this plays to a jury,” said, a spokesperson. She went on to say that video could help hospitals and doctors or hurt them but that jurors almost always sympathized with children.

In many of these cases it has been proven with the videos that doctors had done everything right yet jurors still felt, “the child needed to be taken care of.”

A person sighted a case in which audio was used against a doctor. The recording reportedly reveals nurses complaining about the doctor being on the phone too much to attend to a delivery and that the fetal monitors were making warning sounds that he allegedly didn’t hear because of his phone talking.

One family recorded responses from doctors and nurses without their knowledge and used it as part of the evidence against them later after their child was injured during birth.

With all of these testimonials, it’s clear to most doctors and nurses In Staten Island and Westchester County and New York City Birth Injury Lawyers, that video is effective when seeking damages.

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