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Lawyer from Leeds Plead with Hospitals


A Lawyer from Leeds is urging the NHS to take measures to reduce the number of babies born and affected by trauma at birth. The firm representing the family of a five-year-old birth injury victim recently spoke out during National Birth Trauma Awareness Week.

The young girl suffered brain damage when she was born at St James’s Hospital. She now suffers from athetoid cerebral palsy, which has left her with no control over her arms or legs. She also struggles to eat, cannot sit up unsupported and has limited vocabulary. Though she is very bright and can operate her wheelchair and communication aids, her limitations necessitate 24-hour care.

A Leeds charity SNAPS provides hydrotherapy which seems to be helping the youngster. The child’s mother is a trustee of SNAPS.

The child “is a wonderful daughter and our whole family adores her, and it is heartbreaking to see her unable to do so many of the things the majority of us take for granted. Her life is completely dominated by her birth injuries and we spend much of our lives helping her to experience as much as she can in life. It’s just tragic to think that all of this came as a result of mistakes made in her delivery.” her mother shares.

The hospital that claims responsibility in this girl’s case, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, has admitted mistakes and is working with Irwin Mitchell to settle the family’s claim.

One study in Staten Island and one in Westchester County reveals that “traumatic births are, sadly, far more common than people think. The challenge in this case, and other like it, is ensuring that the responsible parties are able to provide her with as much independence as possible in her life; for example, living on her own, being able to go to university, having friends and relationships, etc.”

“Obviously, prevention is the best option, and all involved are calling on the NHS and medical professionals to work together to learn lessons and share best practice so that the number of birth traumas can be reduced,” said a spokesman for the family and their legal team.

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