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Kent, England Child Awarded Millions


A London High Court awarded an 8-year old child a multi-million pound settlement, a New York Birth Injury Attorney claims. The award is a result of a lawsuit that was filed on her behalf by her mother for medical negligence that occurred at birth that resulted in the girl being born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

The award includes an initial payment of £900,000, or about $1.5 million USD, and an annual payment of £100,000, or $162,576.85 USD that includes an annual index adjustment, sources tell the Manhattan Birth Injury Attorney. The annual payment will increase when the girl turns 19 to £155,000, or $ 252,025.50 USD.

Due to her medical condition, the child will require constant care for the rest of her life, as she cannot feed, bathe, dress, nor fend for herself. Sources informed the NY Birth Injury Lawyer that the mother filed the suit so that her child could be provided for in the event that neither she nor her husband is no longer living or in a position to care for their daughter.

While her mother could sink into the depths of hopelessness and depression, she has chosen to focus on the positive things that her daughter has provided to her and her family. One of her comments spoke volumes of the emotional rewards their family has, when she said, “Her smiles and her giggles and her cuddles are absolutely wonderful.” Regardless of the hardships, this is a very loving and happy family by all appearances.

As part of her case, her lawyers presented arguments that hospital personnel failed to recognize the risks of her daughter’s position as she lay in breech. They further argued that this failure caused her daughter to be born 15 minutes too late to recover from the lack of oxygen that caused the brain damage that caused her to be born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Doctors in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are trying to keep this from happening.

As part of the settlement, the health trust did not admit to liability, but both parties reach a compromise agreement that was satisfactory to both parties that leaned heavily in the favor of the child’s condition and to the needs of the family both now and in the future.

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