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Houston Couple Seek New Legislation For Midwives Reports New York Birth Injury Lawyer


A Houston couple thought that they were having children after the birth of their twin girls. An unexpected pregnancy led them to midwifery and a home birth, which would save them thousands of dollars in delivery costs.

Around midnight on May 18, 2010 the mother woke up to go to the bathroom. She discovered blood in the toilet and promptly called her midwife. The midwife arrived thirty minutes later. After a quick exam, the midwife decided that the mother would be fine for a home delivery. However, three hours later they were rushing to the hospital. The doctors told her husband to prepare for the worst, said NY Birth Injury Lawyer.

It took 51 units of blood to save the mother’s life, but the placenta abruption that caused the emergency also left their son with a brain injury. At 8 months old, he can move his hands and arms, but has no purposeful movement of them. He doesn’t reach for things, or hold them like a normal eight month old does.

There is currently no state law that requires midwives to carry liability insurance. Florida is currently the only state with such laws in place. Midwives give full disclosure at the time of orientation with the family that includes all the many issues where they carry no insurance coverage. Brain injury is common in birth accidents which occur in Brooklyn and The Bronx

The parents expressed that they still encourage the use of midwives and home births, but they believe that there should be a law in place that requires midwives to carry liability insurance. The father, a pest control specialist, is required to carry $300,000 worth of insurance; he stated that he thought it only right that the person delivering his child do the same.

The Manhattan Birth Injury Lawyer was told that the parents can only wait and see how their son will do in the upcoming years. They are unsure of his future, and how much it may cost to take care of him.

If you have a family member who has suffered a traumatic birth injury a New York Birth Injury Attorney can help you to receive the compensation you deserve. A New York Birth Injury Attorney will review your case and make sure that you get the benefits you deserve.

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