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Floodwaters Ruin Specially Adapted Home of Disabled Boy


In 2007, an Evesham family that previously won a landmark court ruling in favor of their son lost their specially adapted home to floodwaters. The ruined home was bought by the family with proceeds from their son’s malpractice suit. The boy was left severely disabled after complications incurred during his birth.

The boy was awarded almost £5 million after a judge agreed that he had been let down by medical professionals who failed to diagnose his mother with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. Mothers with this condition typically deliver larger babies.

A nurse remembers the case. He says that the mother was given permission to deliver the child at home instead of in a hospital via an early C-section. Because of this, there were complications during the birth, and the child was left with cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy which has completely confined him to a wheelchair. He is also unable to speak.

The home that the family bought with the money awarded them had specially widened doors to enable wheelchair access, multi-sensory equipment, an electric chair, and a specialized bath. The monies also provided wages for home health care workers to help look after him and see to his needs.

In July, floodwaters devastated the town of Evesham. Most of the specialized equipment was lost and £60,000 – £70,000 in damages was caused to the building itself. The family has had no option but to move out. Because of the scope of the damage, it is expected that they will not be able to move back in less than six months’ time.

The boy’s mother responded candidly when she said, “What happened to Daniel was a tragedy. This is just a blip compared with that.”

Settlement monies are expected to be used in just this way. The family bought and fitted a new home to see to the needs of their child and spent money on proper care for him. A medical professional specializing in birth Injuries said, “When medical practitioners cause damage, they should have to pay for the future care of those patients they hurt.” Hospitals and doctors in Nassau and Suffolk have studied this case.

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