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Common health problems that can be helped with chiropractic care


Just as chiropractic care can be a benefit to dealing with the effects of Vertebral Subluxation Complex, it can also help with more common ailments and health issues that children face, reports a New York Birth Injury Lawyer. These common health problems that can be helped with chiropractic care include the need for constant antibiotic use, ear tubes, hyperactivity, common sniffles and head cold symptoms, headaches, colic, and more. For parents wanting to help their children overcome these health issues, a visit to a licensed and experienced chiropractor may do more for them than they ever dreamed possible. Surgery, prescription drugs, and alternative and often invasive medical procedures are often what doctors recommend, but according to the findings of a NY Birth Injury Attorney these are not the only way to treat and even help prevent many common ailments in children. In a recent eighteen-year long study of upper respiratory infections in a group of 100 families, researchers found that ear infection often occurred as a result of restricted spinal motion in the area of the upper neck. If this motion was restored, the respiratory symptoms often went away with it. The benefits of chiropractic care on the health of children are tremendous and should be considered, especially where Vertebral Subluxation Complex is involved. Perhaps the best part about chiropractic care In Manhattan and Long Island, both of which have many practitioners, is its non-invasive and preventative nature. As reported by a New York Lawyer, this type of total body care is a good way to help treat this and other debilitating issues that are caused by birth trauma.

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