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Brain Damaged Boy Wins Lawsuit


An 11-year old boy from Solihull, England, has won a lawsuit, sources tell New York Birth Injury Attorneys. The suit stems from a lawsuit that his parents filed on his behalf due to hospital staff negligence that led to brain damage. Hospitals in Westchester and Suffolk Counties try to take every precaution to prevent this from happening.

Although the boy was born full-term even if by caesarian section, the problems began a few days afterwards. A spokesperson found that for three days after the boy was born that staff failed to properly monitor the child and did not investigate why he was becoming increasingly sleepy, floppy, and was not properly feeding. Sources reported to the New York Birth Injury Lawyer that by the time staff had taken a glucose sample, his blood sugar had dropped to a dangerous level and the infant was also suffering from hypothermia.

Once these issues were discovered, he was transferred to a neonatal unit and given a dextrose drip, but the brain damage at this point was irreversible. The boy now suffers from significant physical and emotional impairment, and cerebral palsy.

The Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust had admitted liability in this case and a hospital spokesman state that “We are very sorry that the level of care Louis received in 1999 did not meet the highest of standards.” The spokesman went on to say that, “We hope that the compensation received will go some way to assist with Louis’s care and improve his quality of life.”

While the award is for £7m, $11.4 million USD, the mother says that the past 11 years were a struggle. She also stated that she is disappointed in the way the midwives did not take care of her son and allowed this to happen to him. It is something the entire family will have to live with for the rest of their lives, especially her son.

Thanks to the settlement, the family has been able to relocate into a home that is specially adapted for their son’s needs.

Although tragedies such as this are sad, when all the parties concerned are able to discuss a proper settlement that will attend to the needs of the victim, the healing can begin much sooner.

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