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Birth Paralysis Settlement of €800,000


A suit filed by the family and legal counsel of a four-year-old boy was settled last week for €800,000. The boy’s right arm was paralyzed because of injuries incurred during his birth.

The Justice who approved the boy’s settlement said, “it was a perfectly fair and reasonable settlement.”

The boy, suing through his mother, filed against those who were found responsible for causing a severe birth injury that resulted in five spinal nerves being damaged. The consultant obstetrician based at Mount Carmel Hospital, on Braemor Rd, in Church town, Co Dublin, was found reasonably responsible.

The child is now four-years-old and still suffers as a result of injuries suffered at the hands of the doctor over four years ago.

The boy, when he was examined in February last year, was unable to dress himself and could not ride a bicycle. Counsel said even eating a bag of chips is difficult for the boy.

According to court documents perused by an expert , the plaintiff’s counsel claimed that in the course of the baby’s delivery and due to excessive traction, the baby suffered and sustained severe and personal injuries. He was delivered via vacuum extraction and was taken to the NICU where he was diagnosed with Erbs Palsy. The child was otherwise healthy and it was found that the doctor’s inept use of the vacuum mechanism was what resulted in the palsy diagnosis.

At three months, Michael was beginning to lift his arm at the shoulder, but it is claimed there was no recovery of elbow function at that stage. He is currently still continuing to suffer with severe impairment and lack of function. This case, like many others, has been studied by doctors and hospitals in Staten Island and Westchester County. They want to avoid the problems which arise from these kinds of situations.

The family is happy with the outcome and is glad they can move forward. The young child will possibly improve with physical therapy now affordable by the family through the compensation monies.

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