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After a Birth Injury, Softball Player Rocks the Diamond


The valedictorian and softball player from Keenan High School is anything but an average teen. She stands out, not for those feats, but because those feats are so astronomical given her history.

Routine grounders are anything but routine for these high school senior, reports a friend who’s watched her story.

A teammate says, “My first year playing with [the girl], it was kind of different.”

Another teammate says, “It takes a confident and driven person to do what she does.”

Why do these girls say thing like this? One reason is because this teen can only use one of her arms. Through creativity and a drive to succeed, she’s found a way to excel at softball.

Why does she lack the motor skills to maneuver both arms? “It was a birth injury,” she says, “Left my arm paralyzed from the elbow down.”

Her coach insists that it seems not to phase her anymore. “She wanted to play, so she came out.” She has had an entire lifetime to work out the best way to do things with only one hand.

She throws with the same hand she holds the glove with. It may not be convenient, but it works for her. “Just something I came up with from the ninth grade on, learning what would work best for me,” the amazing girls said, “the best way to get the ball out and make the play.”

When she comes up to the plate to bat, she uses one arm that seemingly has the power of two. “They always be shocked that she can do that,” her teammate gushes.

The girl didn’t expect special treatment, she just came out and did “everything,” her coach said. “She never complains.” It’s a lesson in finding a way to succeed by striking out doubt, says another coach who is used to seeing tragedy and is warmed by the occurrence of stories like this young lady’s.

The teen knows her story is inspirational to others in the Bronx and Brooklyn. She admits, “It gives other people hope to be more confident in what they do, to pursue their interest no matter what.”

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