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£5.75m Awarded to Brain Injured Girl


An eight-year-old girl who suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy was born at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Her cerebral palsy was found to be caused by injuries she sustained at birth.

In fact, London’s High Court found that her injury arose out of “clinical negligence” by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The trust apologized for the “deficiencies in the care provided” at the girl’s birth.

A representative said that the settlement will not only improve the girl’s life but will also ensure her future and enable the child’s parents to also enjoy life with their daughter.

“As a parent myself I find it humbling to read of their selfless dedication to their daughter’s well-being,” the presiding judge was quoted as saying. He observed that while the child had been deprived of a conventional life, she had indeed been blessed with devoted parents.

Even devoted parents, though, need the assistance of an attorney, and this family sought professional help to seek compensation for damages done to their daughter. While their child suffered and medical bills piled up and needs were assessed, this family held strong together.

Legal counsel for the family said that in August 2003 the trust admitted a “breach of duty of care” to the young child who now suffers from significant physical and mental disability.

The child’s parents of Whinmoor, Leeds, were present for the proceedings in which the presiding Justice approved the final damages amount.

Evidence brought to court showed that the child’s mother should have been categorized as a “high-risk” case. As a result of that categorization, observations would have shown the medical staff to speed up the process, but the birth “was not expedited as it should have been” resulting in her child’s birth defects. Doctors in Manhattan and Queens must be aware of these dire consequences and try to avoid them.

Counsel for the trust said the proceedings provided an opportunity for the trust to publicly repeat the “sincere apology” previously given.

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