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£3m Birth Injury Settlement Awarded to 37-Year-Old Woman


London’s High Court responded to hearing how a grown woman has needed constant care since her delivery in 1972. They responded with a series of lifelong payments awarded to the victim.

In this case, West Midlands Strategic Health Authority admitted to negligence and greatly regretted the incident.

The adult woman lives with her parents and will finally receive some type of medical assistance payments for the duration of her life. When she was still a toddler in the 70s, she was diagnosed with brain damage as a result of a prolonged delivery. Because of the time lapse since her delivery, certain details about the birth injury are not available.

The woman’s parents realized that their daughter could possibly be entitled to compensation after hearing about similar cases. When they contacted their solicitor, he informed them that the usual time limit for a birth injury claim is three years, but in cases where the injured party was a child with no ‘mental capacity,’ there is no limit.

The family’s lawyer reported that the specialized care that the 37-year-old plaintiff needed to make “a difference to her quality of life” was expensive. When speaking before the High Court, the lawyer continued by saying, “Our claim against the hospital seeks to provide a financial settlement which will provide for her future.

The woman’s parents are primarily concerned about her well-being after they are gone. They want to, understandably, ensure that her future care is secure.

A doctor asserts that when a child is injured beyond repair there should be no statute of limitation on filing grievance claims.

In fact, within the last several years several U.S. courts have insisted the same thing. They have called upon legislatures in their states to remodel laws to protect those who do not have a voice. Many states and places like Brooklyn and Manhattan have eliminated statutes of limitations in the case of the mentally undeveloped and physically incapable.

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